Thursday, April 4, 2013

~ Denmark Tour Pt.2 - "Happy Place!" ~

A few days ago, I recorded vocals for a song that will be released in Denmark this summer & it inspired me to post more pictures from our Denmark Christmas Tour. Since it's "supposedly" spring here in Nashville, (although it's still cold enough that I'm actually sitting by a fire,) it's fun to relive freezing my tush off in the snow for video shoots & traipsing through blizzard like conditions to get to our shows! :) In all seriousness, when I was invited to be part of the tour, I thought, "Lets see, get paid to travel to a charming little part of Europe & do what you love to do?!...Well, YES please & thank-you God for such a nice surprise!!" :-) The beauty & charm of Denmark & the lovely danish people, far exceeded my expectations!
 Weighted down like a pack mule as I carry my "bag of rocks," (hair, makeup & wardrobe necessities through snow storm #2 to the train station. We were taking the train from Soro to Copenhagen for a live studio taping that day. I was really trying to appreciate the beauty of the snow however, my inner diva was struggling! :)
Peter & Jess headed to the train station
As cold as it was, it was so worth trudging through the snow! We went to some amazing places!
This is a picture I found of Soro. I think it is such a beautiful picture! Through that tunnel is where we shot footage for "Oh Holy Night"
This picture was taken by Martin Nikolaj...such a beautiful shot of Soro Akademi by night!
 The front of Klosterkirken Soro Akademi (Abbey Church in the academy.) It's what you see once you drive through the tunnel.
We took a little "hot dog" break & it was THE best hot dog I've ever had!
This happy hot dog sign made me giggle! :)
Peter & the film crew promised I would LOVE the specialty Danish hot dog wrapped in bacon with cheese & deep fried onions! Yep, heart attack on a bun but sooo yummy!
We shot some footage for one of the songs around the lake in Soro. It was breathtaking all covered in snow!
 The film crew talking about the shots...
I was thrilled when the ducks wandered out of the lake & into our shot! ;)

Denmark countryside covered in white
I've heard it said that Denmark is the happiest place on earth... I took a few pictures I think capture this!
 A lot of people take their little angels in fur with them where ever they go! I love that!
There are happy people playing music all over Copenhagen! This was outside of the grocery store in Soro

People seem to be genuinely joyful doing whatever they do! This guy was working outside at the Christmas Market in Copenhagen. It was freezing & he was as happy & as friendly as could be!
I fell in love with this dog during our t.v. taping! Her name is "Dong." I think they should rethink her name though! :-)
 The Danish truly enjoy their food & so did we! ;-)
Although, apparently it is a no-no to ask for a "doggie bag" in Denmark. We had way too much food to finish & Jess suggested we take the rest of it home; she was told, "The Danish don't do that, it's rude." Hmmm, what?...o.k. :-)
One of my favorite window decorations...very happy!

I absolutely love how they decorate with hearts!
Another cutie!
 Don't eat the yellow snow! Just ask Anton & Uffe!
 Many people take the train rather than drive. The trains are comfortable & fun to ride, serving snacks, beverages & even selling papers, magazines & games. People seem to enjoy their time on the train.

 Taking the train to Copenhagen to see the sights, shop & have lunch.

Below, you'll see what is offered free of charge in Copenhagen! :-)

Yep! FREE hugs!!! But...uh, no thank-you!
And MORE free hugs!!
~ Shopping at Stroget (the longest shopping street in Europe) in Copenhagen ~


 Trying to warm up after walking through the Christmas Market
I came prepared with an extra large shopping bag!
Copenhagen lit up!
I love the double decker buses!

If only the FREE hugs came with FREE shoes!!
AND FREE purses!!!
 From our live studio t.v. taping...

Caught kissing the studio dog! 

Most important part of the show!

After the live taping we did some sight seeing & had dinner; our first stop was the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, (winter residence of  Denmark's royalty.)

It was so cool, we arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard!
 Tivoli Gardens was an amazing sight to see, especially all lit up!

One of my favorite places was Nyhavn!

The Shows...
 The Vesth House, where we did our first 3 shows for the fan club.

 Our very last show... :-(

 Jess, Peter & Vera in the dressing room warming up.
 My set list & lots of other important stuff! :-)
From behind stage

 Aww! Jess & Vera at sound check.
 Lovely, lovely friends! :-)

 Peter (Bubba) Busborg :-)
 Schackenborg, Slotskro...this was the most beautiful old hotel! (About 5 miles from Germany.) Where we stayed, played & filmed! I never wanted to leave!

 Also part of the hotel...

 My room

 The door leading into our rooms; I LOVE this door!
 Charming little lobby

 Check out the icicles!
 The road leading into Schackenborg
Video shoot in the hotel restaurant

This was left on our beds with a box of chocolates after our show. :-) So nice!
Pointing to the little electric train that was circling the roof.
The Christmas Market in Tonder, Dk..
A cute little Christmas market with quaint little shops & restaurants that line the cobblestone streets. :-)

 Shooting the music video for "Holly Jolly Christmas." (Also in Tonder at the Christmas Market.)
 Dinner break...this was the cutest cafe & the food was so good!

At the risk of showing my "real" maturity level I'm posting the pictures of some signs that made me giggle. I'm sure my Danish friends thought, "She is so retarded," but I'm pretty sure my little brother, Jeff & my cousin Guy, (the original Beavis & Butthead) would be proud! ;)
In the frozen food section...I chose NOT to have this for dinner!
In a very beautiful section of Soro...I giggled every time we passed this sign
In an elevator...I refused to press the red button
This means "your speed"
This was over the exit doors of the train.
"I snor" This picture should be of our dog Bella! She SNORES!

Great times, great food & great friends...

Opening our gifts from Linda. :-)

 Ready for breakfast before we hit the road.
Wonderful breakfast! Thank-you Peter V. & Peter B. :-)

Pheasant...the dish that was served in delicious!
Served with our breakfast in Schackenborg
After a really fun show!

Dessert at the Schackenborg Hotel...mmmmmmmmmm!

Vera & I...having dinner before our show

Lunch...the best potato salad & meat balls...was sooo good!

 Jess & Vera with the gorgeous Christmas ornaments from Linda. Thank-you Linda! :-)
The BEST jam in the whole world!!
Wonderful folks at this table! ( Our Christmas Party/dinner after our last show at the Vesth House.)

Peter spreading some Christmas cheer! ;-)
Another wonderful dinner they had for us before our show

Having breakfast at a cute little bed & breakfast we stayed in, then heading out for our next show
The Church Of Christ in Tonder, Dk.

I was taking pictures while they were setting up to shoot the video; what an incredibly beautiful church!

Church entrance

Filming At The Skjoldenaesholm Castle( built in 1662.) I explored & took a ton of pictures while the crew was setting up. Every room was so beautiful & very intriguing to walk through!There were so many hidden rooms & staircases...easy to get lost! We had so much fun filming scenes here! :-)

This is a picture I found of the castle when it's not all covered in snow! :-)
Look at how little our van looks parked in front of the castle! :-)

     The castle entrance, (looking out from the front door.)
 After we finished filming for the day, Jess pointed out the "nickel slot" as one of the crew members was packing up. A photo op I just couldn't resist! Haha! ;-)